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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

The story of domestic violence concerns many women. For generations of tomorrow they have been taught to suffer in silence. We have been taught to accept, tolerate, and hide the abuse of those who can help, as part of youth marriage. Sometimes people who have to help ask for domestic violence. It is as common for them as they have normally done. His parents go through the same and deal with domestic violence. They give it to their children because they see no problem and teach them to do so.

Domestic violence can be part of the way we live life in relationships. This may be part of their belief system of how problematic relationships were treated. This makes it difficult for them to change or eliminate behavior.

Why do you live in a domestic violence relationship?

Many women living with domestic violence do not go out due to many problems. First of all, they fear the lives of themselves, their children and others whom they love. Sometimes it is a culture and belief that they do not know how to break free and do not know how to make promises in the difficult economy we live in without family support.

They are busy in a situation where they know it’s not right for them, deep down they want to go out, but they don’t know how to get out if they don’t want to support themselves or their children, How to pay rent and if they are safe or at risk or their lives and loved ones who are at risk. With these thoughts in mind, some people suffer in silence to protect their loved ones from pain and danger.

Is this a remote decision?

It is very easy to judge while looking outside. We often tell victims of domestic violence without knowing why they are there. Care requires kindness and access to the victim through love. We also need to make them feel safe in front of us to gain confidence.

We need to learn how to understand women in this area based on their choice. Give them their space so that they can make the best decision knowing that we care deeply about their safety. Usually we have no power over the outcome based on the woman making the choice. Stay there when they are ready and ask for your help. It is often easy to give unsolicited instructions and advice and it causes misunderstandings to ask for help.

Personal change

Change comes from within you. We need to understand that people are ready when they are ready, not when we tell them. This is a story with which we are all familiar. If someone orders around you then you will protest. We always threaten them and tell them the worst thing that can happen to them. To portray clever pictures if they do not come out or stop to show that they do not work long enough many have chosen to live in violent relationships and die despite being warned. I believe we are all the same and we follow the instructions and they will help us, instead there is a long way to go.

We should grace understanding and approach them with the right help. Peace and love to all of you.


I hear and read today that many people are struggling with flashbacks. They can see themselves as part of images, negative emotions, and not make them feel at all comfortable.

These are rare signs of being so close to his life.

My point of view here is to explain how I understand the whole concept of flashbacks. I am as good as any other student visiting this site; I have my own story, problems and I can do the best work for me.

For example, flashbacks appear in your mind, and you don’t know what they might be. Then ask yourself: When it all happened, what was my first memory?

You may find the answer to the dream or may remind you of something soon.

You will not know what is going on in your mind. It means the problem, or the deepest memory within you.

For example you have been beaten. Something bad has happened in the past that has broken into thousands.

A real man has never hurt a woman

A woman is needed for her husband, especially for her company. Many times in your life there will be places where you have to choose between love and respect. Love without respect is only fleeting, but tailing can promote lasting love.

The symptoms you do not recognize are the most difficult and difficult to treat. Real men do not need to put women down to be strong. this is incredible. Men should not disrespect the mother of their children. Always remember, ladies, you do everything in their power to care for, love and provide for the needs of their children, especially if you are not helping or helping.

Part time. We need to stop poisonous men. They just want to take us and leave us empty, even if we want to stay fit, but these kind of people stay with us. Women do not leave men because they make many mistakes, but because men keep making mistakes without learning.

The moment everything changed in life it was time for me to realises that I deserved a better person. What is it like to leave a marriage when you know that it will only hurt? We cannot justify those who do not want to accept feedback because they believe that there is nothing wrong with them.

5 Effects of Domestic Violence on Child Development

When we talk about the impact of domestic violence on the growth and development of children, we see the impact of violence on children living in an area where there is abuse against women.

1. The child should be a communicator

Children are like flowers, they need care and love. Children who suffer from domestic violence often remain silent and hesitate to talk or leave home. They find themselves alone in the dark and talking. Their apprehension will not allow them to express or express their feelings in front of family members or friends. Because, they have been asked not to say a word about the situation at home and their relationship with family members.

2. The child gets angry

As noted in the above point, they are not able to express their views in front of others or share their pain with others, which leads to creative thought for them. When it comes time to fill their lives (when they cannot handle their anger), they become angry and their anger gets worse over time, which can lead to the death of someone whom they Do not love

3. The child should be responsible at the beginning of age

For teenagers, when “learning to walk” is the first step for them, they begin to learn how to kill their desires and how to survive in a violent environment. They become responsible for their own salaries before they see the beauty of the world and what life is. Some children are involved in cooking, cleaning or cooking for customers to earn money.

4. Child should be disrespected

As a result of domestic violence, many children suffer from low self-esteem and low self-esteem to go out of the world. Does not feel like meeting them and making friends, so that they cut across the world and are not human.

5. The child becomes edgy and worried

It is not important that all children are as angry as in most cases, children who are severely victimized by various forms of violence, eventually become frightened while talking to others, or even doing something. .

To finish

Domestic violence is something that we have to voice regularly. For children, it is like a poison that gradually weakens their health, the moment they become victims of your violence. The above findings of child violence give you an idea of ​​how domestic violence can affect your child’s future.

Narcissistic Bulls

The consequences of harassment of any abuse can be appalling, however, when most people think of stress – whether it is pain, parents, etc. e.t.c. Mental and emotional abuse can be like the most harmless, especially when the addict is someone close to the victim.

Perhaps the worst form of abuse comes from the hands of their abusers who fail to see or even care about the consequences of their actions. Many types of relationships can be found, including parents, children, spouses / significant others, and relationships with this type of substance abuse. Emotional abuse by a very good parent can be at stake as it can ruin the child’s ability to form strong relationships in the future. It has been suggested that people who emotionally misbehave, because of the lack of appropriate models for healthy relationships, as children often end up in abusive relationships as adults.

The American Psychiatric Association’s current guide to data acquisition and statistics (DSM-V) defines Narcissistic Personality Disorder as:

The complete pattern of virtue (in thoughts or behavior), the need for appreciation, and the lack of empathy, the onset of adulthood and the existence of various conditions, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

  1. You have a great sense of confidence (for example, you are increasing your accomplishments and talents, hoping to be recognized as a leader without achieving everything).
  2. Focused on thoughts of unlimited success, power, beauty, beauty or ideal love.

  3. He believes that he is [special] and that he is unique and can only be understood by, or with others, to be special or higher.

  4. You have to love a lot.

  5. He feels that it is justified, that is, unreasonable expectations are the best treatment or self-compliance of his expectations.

  6. He exploits others, that is, seizes the opportunities of others to achieve his goals.

  7. Lack of empathy: unwillingness to recognize or recognize the feelings and needs of others.

  8. He is always jealous of others or believes that others are jealous of him.

  9. To display ego, behavior or pride.

There are some signs of domestic violence that you cannot ignore

Some signs of domestic violence are ignored by the important person in front of family and friends, one of the most important times when writing a room in a house as boundaries.

Domestic violence, called domestic violence, assault and family violence has affected many of us, and the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence described it as a slippery morality in one of its booklets, used by a facilitator to gain power To do or maintain and to control someone abused or married. family relations.

Criticism before lover

The attacker’s main objective is to control the victim and to do so, he will speak ill of his victim to family members and friends. They do this under the loving guidance of their victim and desire to do better. For example, he might say, “He is the head of the air when money comes, but I try to teach him how to deal with it.” This thus helps to establish a basis for the carrier to fully control all the money that passes between them.

The attacker will talk about many things that can help build a relationship between family and friends and companions, so that he is freed. At the same time he works to make his look “good”, intelligent and loving.

Times of silence

Another symptom that cannot be ignored is that when they stop talking to victims, sometimes in the week, despite seeing each other every day. Sometimes reason, rational or not, is given, but sometimes reason is not given by this action.

However, this is usually done to punish someone else. Some survivors are coping well during the abuse and are, of course, looking ahead to it as this is the only time they should not listen to the words they are abusing. On the other hand, some victims do not respond well because they are worried about what other torture they are planning at the moment.

Rooms are limited

Today, we hear a lot about “Man Cave” and this should make us stop and think for a moment and most of the time we don’t because “Man Cave” often talks about humor and both in the relationship The parties agree. by arrangement. However, if the addict says that the room or rooms in the house are out of range, it is a sign that should not be ignored.

Friends, by reading this post you must have understood what domestic violence is or what it is called. If you are like this then be careful because domestic violence ruins the house and relations are bad and the children at home also have a very bad effect. Friends, love your children and your husband and wife survivors of domestic violence. that’s it for today. See you in the next chapter of the relationship. Follow us, your help is very important in encouraging us to move forward. If you have any questions related to this, please comment or email us.

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