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What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is designed for computer meetings, which can be done with a desktop application, mobile application, or browser. Anyone can join the meeting without the need for a GoToMeeting account, but the facilitator needs to enter a meeting schedule to invite and manage the cloud.

Business platform, not personal. It can seat up to 3,000 participants, making it ideal for conferences. However, for short meetings the seller has low quality programs that are ideal for long-distance work or online courses.

An online conference application allows for face-to-face meetings, virtual reality, and cloud-based interactions, which are all about body meeting. Settings: Sailing is just a click or a walk away from basic steps such as chatting, calling, screen sharing and recording.

GoToMeeting, one of the best participants in cloud meetings, is known for its video and overall credibility. In addition to standard video tools such as screen sharing, meeting consultation lines, and individual conference rooms, the application provides basic accounting management features such as administrative accounts, clinical reports, and meeting management reports.

The platform is protected by industry standards such as AES-256-bit encryption, SCC certified data centers and secure data encryption. It also complies with HIPAA and is a risk-based certification to minimize privacy risk.

Key integrations include Slack, Office 365, Stoforforce and Google Calendar. In terms of mobile support, GoToMeeting is available for Android and iOS applications, with switch mode, integrated registry and Siri allows mobile cloud registration.

GoToMeeting has a monthly price of $ 12 for participants.

An Overview of GoToMeeting Resources
Made for business meetings

GoToMeeting is built around business meeting requirements, which require system reliability and scarce resources than personal meetings, which take place consistently. Its HD video and clean and clear video integrated into the VoIP cloud mobile phone means you can conduct key meetings without interruption. Participants can often focus on important discussion points, instead of wasting time solving a difficult process.

Similarly, GoToMeeting allows up to 3000 participants, ideal for corporate meetings or large web conferences. The basic plan for the 150 participants is a lot more robust than other video conferencing tools.

Safe meeting platform

Business meetings require more security to protect sensitive and sensitive data. In addition to standard protocols such as 256-bit AES, TLS encryption and IIC2 type II data centers, GoToMeeting is BSI C5-certified and TRUSTe certified and complies with tile policy with key security and privacy considerations such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA. As such, the meeting room is closed and a password is protected so that they do not participate.

With high quality security infrastructure, you can move data securely, share important files, record conversations and regularly conduct meetings without worrying about system breaches or cyber attacks.


The app features mobile devices, which make them ideal for travel meetings. It has the Android and iOS features of native experience on your smartphone. You can also find it in a software browser if you do not want to download the application.

Mobile apps support Siri to suit iPhone users and allow recording of mobile cloud.

That security protects the infrastructure, which allows you to host or participate in meetings anywhere, anytime you’re connected to the Internet.

Citrix GoToMeeting Highlights:

🔹Easy to download and use and quickly.

🔸Easy to use easy to share screen.

🔹You can immediately start a meeting on your desktop or Outlook.

🔸26 people attend the session at a time.

🔹I can communicate, change the viewer, and give keyboard control over others, you have to give permission, but it’s really easy to do.

🔸Do not draw, highlight or download the document you will need to grant existing permission.

🔹No file transfer.

🔸Record as EMV file or Citrix software file
Full coverage integration also includes voice over IP.

Highlights of Citrix Go To Webinar

🔸Program required cannot run webinars immediately.

🔹The registration process on the website is good.

🔸An excellent report of attendance, participation and interest based on viewing your screen share during the session
Best polling place must be done in advance, however.

🔹They have a sharp signal using three audios.

🔸Participants designated as (present) will not speak to each other in a webinar.

🔹They can ask questions and answers to the organizers and the panel.Work-around: Encourage attendees in panel roles.

🔸 All panels can communicate.

🔹Attendees can ask questions to the panel, broadcasters or organizers and the accused can share the answers with all attendees.

🔸Panels cannot ask for cues from other panels, but they can talk instead.

🔹Dictionaries allow drawing, high marks, accuracy, and a laser pointer.

🔸A good review article to test your webinar is finally available Up to 1000 available.

🔹If you use the Citrix phone service there is no additional phone cost everyone pays their own long distance.

🔸You cannot remain silent on the computer.

🔸You can use the phone pad to cancel or silence all present.
Full coverage integration also includes voice over IP.

Comments by GoToMeeting Article
✔️Schedule of Meeting
✔️One Click Meetings
✔️Next Click
✔️Call me to join the meeting
✔️Built-in Audio
✔️Free option
✔️Assembly Room
✔️HDFaces Conferencing Video
✔️Join the Desktop option
✔️Join with Mobile Options
✔️Desktop / Application Sharing
✔️Tools for drawing
✔️Control Management
✔️Visible white boards

Gotomeeting Membership Plan

7 day free trial ✔️

Professional $12/month

Business $16/month

GoToMeeting is a 26 people conversation HD quality video conference tools, so you can talk to 26 people at a time through video, but it is better to zoom in. If you talk about ratings, then zoom is further than Go to Meet. . So both of you friends can check, if you like the information, then follow us and comment and give your opinion.

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